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Donating skills in-kind makes everyday heroes of us all

Canadian tech talent company pledges 10,000 skilled in-kind hours to Covid-19 response efforts

Volunteering isn’t just good for the community, it’s good for business. We all know that. But what’s more is that targeted in-kind giving like this makes a real impact, that can be measured. Project K(IN)D’s newly-released platform maps this impact to facilitate future connections that ensure everyone sees the power of their in-kind.

To mark the occasion of National Volunteer Week in Canada (April 19–25, 2020), Project K(IN)D wants to recognize our like-minded in-kind champion Global Skills Hub (GSH) for their pledge of 10,000 skilled volunteer hours to their communities during this time of extreme need. GSH helps Canadian companies hire top international technical talent — developers, machine learning engineers, AI practitioners — to address Canada’s tech talent shortage. With their vast network of skilled tech professionals, GSH is leveraging professional, skilled services to volunteer time in-kind to those that can use it — particularly health tech companies working on solutions to the many challenges the Covid-19 pandemic has exposed.

Like GSH, the Project K(IN)D Global Movement sees the limitless value of human capital in the impact economy, which is why we have set a goal to deliver 1 billion in-kind actions by 2030 in alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Join our platform and choose what matters to you most; we’ll make sure your value is seen and utilized. Challenging times quickly bring out heroes within a community, and we are lucky to have so many fighting on the front lines right now. But let’s not forget those unsung heroes whose support is also needed — those individuals at home helping others do what may seem small and simple to them, but can make a BIG difference.

Markets have crashed and countries are on lockdown, but that doesn’t mean help stops. We all have skills — whether formal or informal — that we can offer to our communities right now. Let’s support our front-line heroes by offering our skilled in-kind and celebrating the in-kind heroes where we see them!

Hey GSH — We see you! Keep up the great work!

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