In a world of stuff, noise and distraction, why not empower humans to leverage the good they have in their hands today and impact the world now?  


A small team of citizen philanthropists dedicated years of time, skills, and in-kind resources to re-imagine philanthropy (aka the love of humanity) through the lens of emerging technologies and the emerging "impact economy." On their journey they learned that citizens, corporations, charities, campuses, and community members were seeking ways to create positive impacts on tough challenges but were disconnected from each other, making it slower and harder for each group to create big change on their own.


Using skills, time, and resources, the team built Project K(IN)D as a way to bring communities together and empower every citizen, corporation, charity, campus, and community member to give in-kind to local causes and organizations in need, and to help them see and celebrate their global impact together. 

This is our love letter to humanity, and in our story you are the star - wherever you are, whatever you have to give to meet a need in your community, we will help you and celebrate the good you do - no matter how big or small, it all counts and we love you for every effort!


Together we will donate 1 BILLION in-kind donations of time, services and goods by 2030 as a grand step toward achieving the United Nations Global Goals and improving the well-being of all life in our local communities.​

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Global communities have many challenges that are complex, context specific, and in need of attention. These are just some of the challenges we can address if we leverage in-kind giving more efficiently and expand our research.


We partner with companies, community organizations, campuses, charities, community leaders. Interested in partnering with us? 

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Do you donate or collect in-kind donations? Do you have professional services, time, goods, or other resources to give to local causes? Do you want to have an impact on causes that need your support? Do you need some tools and resources to help you get started? Contact us! 


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