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Currently, very little is understood about the impacts and capacity of in-kind giving to increase philanthropy and to create benefits for communities, people and the planet. As a result, companies, governments, and communities are not harnessing or mobilizing

non-cash resources in the most effective ways to scale impact.  


An overemphasis on cash-based philanthropy has led to skewed impact frameworks and metrics, and myopic impact reports from charities, nonprofits, and businesses.  With no system in place to support or catalyze in-kind giving at scale, we still have no way to truly unlock the capacity to drive whole-community partnerships or to deliver global solutions in a cost-efficient, resource-efficient, and community-efficient way.​

If we are to truly overcome the challenges to the well-being of people and the planet and realize the United Nations Sustainable Development Globals we must ask questions, challenge status quo, and recognize what we have and what we can do now - together.

Our research is dedicated to sharing the data and insights to remedy these critical gaps.



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