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We deliver impactful resources and research to leaders in communities around the the world.

A global survey to measure and better understand      in-kind giving.

Tools to help you count your in-kind impact.

An online community of champions creating impact together globally.

Local leaders catalyzing in-kind actions and inspiring others to join them.

Tools and information to help everyone give in-kind.

Global learnings based on the in-kind impact you are creating.

Does your business give in-kind?
Take the In-Kind Survey

If your business gives in-kind donations, take our three-minute survey and join the growing global list of in-kind impact champions making a difference.



We define in-kind philanthropy broadly. It is all non-cash and non-stock contributions given to charities and nonprofit organizations meeting needs and addressing challenges to the well-being of people and the planet. In-kind giving of skills, services, goods, and other non-cash contributions has the power to increase philanthropy and social and environmental impacts, and provide benefits and resiliency strategies for communities, people, and the planet.

The majority of philanthropic efforts globally focus on fundraising and cash contributions to charities, nonprofits, and NGOs. While important, this narrow focus leaves ideas, knowledge, and problem solvers out of the most important conversations.


As a global movement, we enable and inspire people, businesses, community organizations, and governments to do more together. At a time when we need impactful partnerships, in-kind supply chains, transparent and inclusive philanthropy, and more holistic social and climate impact efforts, we must think and act beyond status quo. This is why we at Project In-Kind are building technologies, toolkits, research, and communities with a focus on in-kind resources and giving.  


Every business, organization, government, and individual has the opportunity to take responsibility for their community and deliver positive change through in-kind giving.


Let’s do this together, today.

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