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Canadian Project K(IN)D Empowers Communities to Work Together in a Time of Crisis


Canadian Project K(IN)D Empowers Charities, Businesses and Citizens to Work Together in a Time of Crisis with New Global Campaign and Online Platform

OTTAWA – April 6, 2020 – Today, a team of Canadian philanthropists launched a global in-kind giving campaign and technology platform to make it easy for organizations and people to help charities and community organizations in need of resources and support. Project K(IN)D — known as “Project In-Kind” —  focuses on measuring and showcasing the value of in-kind resources in times where goods and services are in high demand. The goal of the global project is to measure one billion in-kind actions by 2030 to support local communities and to track these impacts on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

“In this time of rapid and complex global change, charities and nonprofits have been reporting significant distress,” said Tanya Woods, Chief Philanthropist for Project K(IN)D. “Now more than ever — as the global community finds itself in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic — we need to connect people and companies with resources to those community organizations needing them  in a way that is safe, virtual and timely. This campaign and online platform offer the first truly open global toolkit to bring everyone together to connect and deliver non-monetary resources quickly and effectively to meet real-time needs. We truly hope this makes a meaningful contribution.”

Project K(IN)D is the first-ever global movement backed by a technology platform that is designed to inspire and enable people, businesses, and community organizations to efficiently work together to meet local needs through donations of time, services, and goods. Community organizations in need can ask for non-cash support on the Project K(IN)D platform. In turn, companies and people with resources to give can easily support these organizations by pledging their support and then delivering their resources. By providing tools to support, empower, and promote the vital organizations serving those in most need right now, everyone can play a part in building a stronger, more resilient community fabric both now and for future challenges. 

Over the next 10 years, Project K(IN)D will share open-source research and educational resources, support global projects, and give access to technologies that enable every person, organization, and community to join in the movement to create positive global change. There are many exciting announcements to come this year from Project K(IN)D. To learn more and get involved, visit

About Project K(IN)D:  Project K(IN)D is a global movement to catalyze 1 billion in-kind actions by 2030 in support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Project K(IN)D brings communities together and empowers citizens, businesses, and community organizations to give in-kind support to meet local needs. Project K(IN)D is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada.


Ariel Vered, Media Relations

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