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I am an individual or organization that wants to help in my community…

Excellent question. But first off, THANK YOU for being awesome. Thank you for being so generous. Together, we have a fighting chance to get through these crazy times.

The Project In Kind platform was built exactly for this!  We bring people, businesses and charities together so we all can help one another — so your question is very, very à propos.

1. Sign Up

Project K(IN)D Landing Page

The first step is of course signing up, if you have not done so already. Trust us, it takes only seconds to do.

2. Fill in Your Profile


This is your profile icon; everyone’s icon looks slightly different, but it’s the far right icon in the top navigation bar.

For best match results, it is recommended you fill out as much of your profile page as possible. At the very least, select your Sustainable Development Goals interest tags that will let us know what matters to you most. This will make for much better search results for you.

3. Matches to Help Causes You Care About

The home page offers ways for you to help organizations based on the causes you care about. Your page will be slightly different, tailored to your own values.

4. Look for Opportunities to Help with What You Have to Offer

What do you have to offer? Is it goods? Some crazy ninja skills? General volunteer time? Whatever it is, type it in the search bar at the top of the site/app.

The platform encourages exchange of goods and time through a system of pledges:

  1. You pledge to give something or some of your time to a charity that needs it.

  2. You fulfill your pledge — please stay safe while doing so!

  3. The charity acknowledges they received your generous gift so you can keep track of all the good you have done in the world.

Pledge to Give

You will then be presented with a list of opportunities, be it individuals, businesses or charities, that are related to your search term(s) or even actual resources needed or offered. You want to focus on the resources needed, in your case: These are actual needs charities are looking for right now. So jump in, be a hero and pledge what it is you can offer!

If no one is looking for what you have to offer right now, don’t despair! For one thing, you can save your offer(s) on your profile page so others looking for exactly this in the future can find you and activate your super powers.

You can also look at the charities listed as a result of your search and see if there are other ways you could help them. These are charities near you that really need help and that are aligned with your values — you will want to help them, we promise.


Remember to mark your calendars and deliver your kindness to the organizations you have pledged to help! 

Whatever happens, keep calm and in-kind on!

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