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Welcome to a global community of ambassadors committed to promoting in-kind giving and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Advocate for the benefits of in-kind giving — giving skills, services, goods, and non-cash donations.


Work toward achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Become a leader and gain valuable skills for your future while benefiting your community today.

What Is Project In-Kind? 

Project In-Kind is the first-ever global in-kind giving movement designed to catalyse action by encouraging people and businesses to partake in delivering 1 billion in-kind donations of goods, services, skills, and other non-cash resources to local and global organizations working to improve the lives of people and our planet by 2030.

With the vision of making lasting and tangible impact around the world through the practice of in-kind giving, Project In-Kind also raises awareness and support for the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), addressing the world’s toughest societal, economic, and environmental challenges. 

What Is In-Kind Giving? 

To give in-kind is to understand that you have more than money to offer to the causes you care about. Giving skills, services, goods, and other non-cash resources is a great way to connect personally with a cause while acknowledging and meeting the needs of organizations serving others around you. 

At the core of the Project In-Kind movement is the belief that through radically inclusive philanthropy and impact efforts, innovative partnerships, and resource contributions, everyday assets in our hands, homes, and heads can be used to catalyze positive social and environmental impacts in our local communities globally. 


Why Become A Project In-Kind Ambassador?

Being a Project In-Kind Ambassador is about spreading the message about the value of in-kind giving and sharing how you and others around you are working together to make a difference giving what you have to meet needs without the requirement of cash.

Project In-Kind Ambassadors are leaders with a future-forward commitment to build and support resilient and sustainable impact in their communities that will improve life for all, starting today.

Our ambassadors serve many roles in their communities and have various titles that include student, CEO, teacher, marketing expert, founder, investor, developer, partnerships officer, policy analyst, accountant, doctor, innovator, consultant, philanthropist, and nonprofit leader—to name just a few! 

Top 5 Benefits of Being a Project In-Kind Ambassador:



Inspire action and change limiting beliefs about philanthropy, social impact, and non-cash giving. 


Action and Results-Oriented Outcomes

In-kind is both tangible and measurable removing questions and doubts on the value and benefit of these efforts.



Build stronger and resilient communities through philanthropy and impact partnerships with people and organizations around you who also care about the well-being of people and the planet.


Empower Sustainability

Coordinated in-kind giving creates immense value for organizations serving people and the planet, especially when funding is hard to find. Meeting needs with existing goods, skills, services, and other resources also uncovers hidden value in our community and can breathe new life into surplus and waste. 


Drive Inclusivity and Have Fun

Build a team of two or 2,000 In-Kind Impactors because everyone can give in-kind to every cause they support. It’s a whole new world of impact and philanthropy to explore, with lots of room for fun along the way. 

Think about the possibilities where you could make an in-kind contribution and create an impact on the UN SDGs in your community:


Donate hours of accounting services, marketing and digital website services, and business education to women taking on leadership opportunities in business and the community in support of SDG 5: Gender equality


Use human resources and administrative skills to help someone find a job or write a resume for a newcomer to the country or someone in need of work in support of SDG 8: Decent work and economic growth


Do a clothing swap with friends/colleagues and donate clothing after (instead of buying new clothes) in support of SDG 12: Responsible consumption and production


Donate current textbooks and other books for students in need in support of SDG 4: Quality education


Collect and deliver food to shelters, foodbanks, and community kitchens in support of SDG 2: Zero hunger


Spend time at/near your local waterways cleaning up waste and discarded plastic along the shoreline in support of SDG 14: Life below water


Teach a meditation class, donate yoga mats, donate hand sanitizer and cleaning products, and offer cleaning services to a shelter in support of SDG 3: Good health and well-being

Did you know?

All 193 countries of the world have committed to achieving the UN SDGs.

You see, so much can be done when we put our minds to in-kind + the SDGs— let’s get started now! 


Okay, great. I have some questions.


How much time will this take?

Our In-Kind Impact Ambassadors are committed to spending at least five hours a month to support the Project In-Kind Movement in their communities. Your goal is to reach 100 new people and/or organizations each month to let them know about the Project In-Kind #1BillionInKind challenge and how they can use the online platform to help now. 

This might include:

Posting and sharing Project In-Kind social media graphics about in-kind giving and the UN SDGs

Pledging skills, services, and resources on the Project In-Kind platform and inviting friends, colleagues, neighbours, teams, and everyone they connect with to do the same

Inviting people in your community to become Project In-Kind ambassadors

Sharing the Project In-Kind resources and research so others can see just how exciting and inclusive in-kind impact really is

Attending monthly skills building, learning, and development events with the Project In-Kind community

Hosting Project In-Kind meetups and events

Building teams and projects that leverage skills, services, goods, and other available resources to help meet local needs 

I Can Make The Time. What Do I Get For Being A Project In-Kind Ambassador?

Gain valuable skills and experience in areas such as:


Project management

Organize a drive in your community to gather household items for charity


Team building

Encourage your friends/family to join Project In-Kind and coordinate your in-kind actions as a team


Critical thinking

Learn about in-kind giving and the UN SDGs and think about how to translate those messages to your social circle


Leadership training

Plan virtual or in-person events in your community


Philanthropy and social impact awareness

Learn about nonprofits and charities in your community, gain a deeper understanding of
local challenges and how you can help, and get experience using social impact innovation, data,
and tracking resources

Gain access to monthly virtual and/or in-person panels and talks featuring leading community changemakers

Qualify for co-curricular and class credit at participating schools

Earn the chance to access special recognition experiences such as:

• Featured article or profile in Project In-Kind publications
• Leadership coaching session
• Invitation to speak at a Project In-Kind conference
• Invitation to participate in a Project In-Kind podcast
• Project In-Kind social media takeover

Cool, How Do I Get Started? 

A. Take the Project In-Kind pledge

Commit to local in-kind giving by taking the Project In-Kind pledge.

B. Share your commitment

Let your friends and family know that you’ve taken the pledge and invite others to get involved on social media. Here are some sample social media posts and resources: 







C. Join the Platform

Create a profile on our community in-kind giving
platform, where you can find organizations to help.

D. Amplify and Accelerate Your Impact

Use your social platforms to get the word out. Project In-Kind’s social media resources make it easy to deliver the important messages about the values of in-kind giving and the UN SDGs. Tag your friends to join in and make their own impact.

Social media tips

Follow Project In-Kind’s social media channels and reshare our posts.

  • Instagram


  • Twitter


  • Facebook


  • LinkedIn


Use the Project In-Kind hashtags on your social media posts.





Tag 10 friends to take the in-kind pledge.​

Give a shout out to businesses who are giving in-kind or charities who are doing great work in your community and tag them.

Add the #1BillionInKind badge to your email signature.

Add Project In-Kind Ambassador on your Instagram/Twitter bio, tag @ProjectInKind and use the Project In-Kind hashtags.

Join the Project In-Kind team on LinkedIn.

How Much In-Kind Impact is Possible?

We count by 1s. Every hour of skills and services shared, every 1 item donates, every single contribution counts toward our #1 BillionInKind goal. We know we will get there by 2030, the question for us is just how soon can we do it? The math is pretty fun, even for non-math people. 

Here is an idea:

If just 16% of people living in Ottawa (that’s 222,894 people) completed 17 in-kind actions, that would be nearly 4 million in-kind actions IN OTTAWA ALONE.

If 100 people did 10 small in-kind actions over the next 10 days, that would be 1,000 we could count toward the UN SDGs.

If every post-secondary student in Canada did just 1 in-kind contribution that would be over 2.1 million acts of in-kind impact.

If every elementary school student in Canada did just 10 in-kind contributions that would be more than 55 million contributions. Over 10 years, that would be over 550 million in-kind impacts—more than half of our goal!  

If 5,000 people in just 1,000 cities and communities around the world made 10 in-kind contributions a year for the next 10 years, that would be 500 million in-kind impacts by 2030! 

Our goal is big, but when you do the math, it is easy to see that it can be achieved and the more we work together we will be able to show just how valuable our efforts are on the SDGs and in our communities.  




Ambassador Checklist

Take the pledge

Share your commitment on social media

Review the SDGs

Tag 10 friends

Review Resources

You can learn more about in-kind giving and the UN SDGs with our Project In-Kind resources.

Start Planning Your Impact

Use our tools and templates to start planning your impact efforts

We are here to help!

 Send your questions to



We at Project In-Kind are so thankful to have ambassadors like you helping us reach our goal of #1BillionInKind in support of local communities and the UN SDGs.

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